Nature designed eggs as the food source for developing chicks. Eggs and in particularly chicken eggs, are also excellent for human consumption because of their high protein content, low cost and availability. They are extremely useful and are used throughout the kitchen, either served as a main dish or as ingredient in a prepared meal. Eggs provide texture, flavor, structure and moisture in everything from soups and sauces, to breads or even pastry.
Of all our food, the egg is perhaps the most versatile and undoubtedly one of the most nutritious. Used as an ingredient, eggs are cherished for their skill in bind, lighten, emulsify and enrich. Cooked and eaten on their own, eggs offer themselves to dozens of preparations. Egg yolks and egg whites have precise properties and are used separately at times to accomplish different results.
For Portuguese people, eggs are everywhere in the kitchen and especially in pastries. We are probably the egg lovers of the world. Or is the opposite? It doesn’t matter because this relationship took us far beyond our imagination regarding the hundreds or should we say thousands extraordinary recipes with eggs.
Do you want a fried egg?